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Gucci's New Counter


February 08, 2021 3 min read




Gucci's New Counter


Although many may not know this, but BHG has been constantly reinventing and improving its image for the past year. BHG ameliorated significantly from a traditional department store, to something full of creativity and uniqueness but of course, not forgetting the touch of modernisation. BHG also prioritises and values customer experience and feedback, both online and physically in stores.

Upon entering the main entrance of BHG, customers are greeted with Gucci's gleaming yellow countertops, with an array of glamorous and prestigous Gucci Beauty cosmetic products. Gucci Beauty was launched online in May last year, and officially graced its presence in Singapore just this September. Gucci Beauty displays their most dazzling cosmetics of various cosmetic series and colors on their counters, ranging from their ensemble of foundation shades, eyebrow pencils, mascara –  to the most eye-catching lipstick series and eyeshadow palettes. 

As for the design aspect, what was most eye-catching was the retro and vintage look of the Gucci Beauty counters, with dressers on both sides of the counter. The mirror is decorated with black edges and glare-free white bulbs, creating the atmosphere of a Shanghai night.

In addition, the product packaging design is also ingenious, the foundation box is dreamy in Tiffany blue, the packaging of the mascaras are coated with a gorgeous shade of baby pink, and lipsticks are designed according to different series. Among them, the small broken flowers have a touch of vintage to it, which I personally fancy. ☺

It is a pity that during the current climate we’re in due to the pandemic all commodities are covered with a transparent protective film, to prevent the transfer of germs and bacteria, for the safety of customers and staff. Fortunately, although customers are not allowed to test cosmetics, the merchants have prepared a ‘tone book’, where every cosmetic colour and shade number sold can be found on it Moreover, Gucci Beauty staff and salespersons are also at your service, and are ever-ready to recommend the top selling Gucci Beauty products, upon your request. Although cosmetic testing is not allowed, Gucci Beauty staff are able to swatch the products you request, after a detailed disinfection process, of course.

The first colour introduced by the salesperson was in the shade Goldie Red, No. 25. Although the same shade, Goldie Red No. 25 comes in matte, satin and sheer series.  The matte series accentuates a strong and majestic shade of red, while the satin series captures beautiful, light luster tones of red. For those with dry lips, this is the lipstick for you! As for the Goldie Red No. 25 sheer series, this lipstick is full of gloss, it’s not too strong in coverage but it empowers you with the feeling of youth, liveliness and beauty. However, with all that said, it always boils down to what exactly YOU are looking for, and what you feel beautiful in. Everyone is different, unique and beautiful in their own way and in their own skin. This is something Gucci Beauty has tried to showcase, through their wide array of cosmetics, in several shades and colours, suitable for all skintypes and colours.

Hold on, there’s more good news! As long as you purchase 100ml of Gucci Bloom perfume, you can purchase the Gucci Lips Trio Set, 3 different series of No. 25 lipsticks at a discounted price.

Visit BHG at Bugis Junction and experience our all new Gucci beauty counter today! Alternatively, shop Gucci and all your favourite beauty brands online at