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More ways to pay


February 08, 2021 2 min read




More ways to pay


Hoolah is a financial technology (Fintech) company based in Singapore which allows retailers to offer their customers to buy now and pay later with 3 equal installments over 3 months with 0% interest.


Hoolah has significantly changed the dynamics of payments in stores and online. It is not only an accessible mode of payment but more convenient and is hassle free for customers. This is because, with Hoolah, customers can go cashless when purchasing their items and pay for them through their mobile phones, on the Hoolah application. 


 “Hoolah is Asia’s leading omnichannel Buy Now Pay Later platform that helps retailers solve some of their biggest challenges around driving conversion and basket size, as well as encouraging new customers to visit and return.”

  • CEO, Stuart Thornton


Stuart also mentions that Hoolah achieves these outcomes by enabling consumers to reduce the impact of price through splitting their payment at no extra cost.

As for the partnership with BHG Singapore, it was mentioned that Hoolah sees the synergy with BHG through the recently revamped Beauty Hall at the BHG Bugis store, which highlights the ever-changing and advancement of consumer retail trends as well as the digital transformation strategy which drives an omnichannel retail approach. 


Stuart also mentions that it was only natural for Hoolah to embark on a partnership with BHG, ‘to continue to drive a delightful customer experience no matter where the customer shops at, whether it be online or in-store’. 


Hoolah is very much beneficial for consumers in the present day as we rely ever so heavily on technology and the internet. By using Hoolah, it gives consumers the liberty to buy what they want and need, and allowing them to split their payments in three, separate interest free monthly payments at no additional cost.

Register for the Hoolah app today and start paying for your next BHG shopping spree without any hassle! 


Simply download the app on the App Store or Google Play and register for an account. Upon payment, scan the Hoolah QR code with you Hoolah mobile app at the store counter or online. 

The total order amount would then be automatically divided into three monthly payments and will be deducted either through the customer’s credit or debit card. 


Through the app, users can also have a full overview of all types of orders and payments made, including the merchants they have purchased from, whilst also browsing and discovering more of Hoolah’s partner merchants.