With just one touch, The World Kitchen Orbit Fryer equipped with a smart menu that allows you to fry, sauté, stew or cook rice for any meal you dream up. Using the adjustable heat setting with timer lets you cook up the perfect meal with minimal effort. You can also minimize cleaning up since all you need is one fryer for all your cooking.

The 360º heating from the copper wires around the inside of the pot make sure that all your dishes are cooked evenly and thoroughly. The spherical pot also ensures that the heat is circulated to cook your food to perfection from every angle. Enjoy truly effortless cooking with the World Kitchen Orbit Fryer’s 360º automatic frying. Its precise temperature and timing controls as well as the angle of the rotation simulating the angle of a chef’s skillet, cook like a chef without having to lift a finger.

Minimise the hassle of cooking and serving with the three slot positions of the World Kitchen Orbit Fryer. Designed with your convenience in mind, you can cook and serve your food without having to remove the pot at all. Use the vertical position for stewing, the 50º position for stir-frying and the horizontal position for easy serving.