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Peach Blossoms commemorates the Mid-Autumn Festival with a divine ensemble of traditional baked mooncakes. Savour the all-new Pu 'er with Mochi, a sublime marriage of fragrant and earthy notes, exclusively crafted for Peach Blossoms, or the mellow Lychee with Wolfberries which exudes a gently refreshing floral and fruity twist. Not to be missed is the exquisite Charcoal Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds and Gold Dust, a crowd favourite and signature creation that perfectly blends a oh-just-right sweetness and a nutty roasted aftertaste. Rounding off is the all-time favourite Double Yolk, made with velvety “less-sweet” lotus paste complemented with luscious salted yolks.

Our mooncakes are presented in an elegant two-drawered box with built-in Bluetooth speakers, and beautifully adorned in elements of peach blossoms floral design on pastel green and complete with a gold emblem clasp.

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