Colour of California

May 18, 2020 2 min read

BHG Singapore excited to launch the Colour of California 😎😎

Colors Of California has created a collection full of pleasant surprises, spanning from styles that are diverse yet complimentary, to a futuristic eye with its brand new eco-friendly capsule.

The sole is entirely made of recycled PET while the uppers are composed of suede-like eco-leather deriving from recycled polyester (65% of recycled PET). For the company, this is but the very first of many steps in positioning itself amongst those that take the environmental consequences of production seriously with the goal of improving, year in and year out.

These beautiful pair of Colour of California can cost from $69.90 to $89.90

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair of Colour of California today!

  Transports us to a world of neon colors

The muse of the new collection is none other than California itself, with its sporty- psychedelic atmosphere, in every breath.

Fantastic, cute and comfortable, the Colors of California options for this summer promise something that everyone – from millennials searching for urban flair to trendsetters boasting the worldly social life – will all love!

A fusion of fashion and the environment takes place

In the new collection there is a shoe for every woman to love: some extravagant but without going overboard, others a bit whimsical for a capricious sole, yet others with a high heel or a low heel, sneakers and sandals

Each and every style is extraordinary, with a palette of hues that even Mother Nature would envy, and all ready for some summer fun.

Floral embellishments in assorted fabrics and textures are the all-around protagonists of accessories this season.