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Keeping Fit

February 08, 2021 4 min read

Keeping Fit

Let’s be frank, we rarely make time for ourselves in our day to day schedule. It’s either we’re rushing from one place to another, or from one meeting to the next (sometimes even skipping meals in between!). Hardly, we take a step back from reality to check in with ourselves. Are we tired? Are we stressed? Do we need a break? 

In a city like Singapore, we are constantly running about, every second of the day. Plus, living in a concrete jungle makes it harder to find a quiet and peaceful place to relax and unwind. 

Besides trying out the latest trends like the infamous Dalgona Coffee, the trendiest TikTok dances and moves, the endless Houseparty and Netflix Party calls with friends and family to stay connected - and of course, not forgetting the several Chloe Ting workout challenges, some preferred a quieter and calmer approach, which was to try out Yoga at home. 

Although many think that Yoga is difficult and requires a significant amount of flexibility, to my surprise, it actually is not. Stretching your arms over your head when you wake up in the morning? Yup, that’s a simple Yoga pose! 

Yoga is not only a good calming and de-stressing activity, it also comes with several health benefits. Yes, that’s right, doing simple stretches every day could save you from never ending back aches and body aches in the future.

According to certified yoga instructor, Elaine Chan, Yoga is an activity that strengthens the overall strength of the body, flexibility, balance and mobility. Elaine also explained that yoga also strengthens us mentally, in terms of discipline, grit and balance, as well as humility. She also mentions that all these factors combined helps with emotional release, making you a happier person in return. 


Yoga has significantly impacted Elaine’s life. She recently completed her 200-hour-YTT (200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training)and has been practicing yoga for six years. She enjoys practicing vinyasa, power and yin yoga (different styles of yoga).

 “Yoga is important to me as it allows me to go into deep contemplation and teaches me lessons beyond the mat. It encompasses not only the Asanas (the physical practice), but also the philosophical aspects allow me to reflect on myself and how to be better in treating myself and the world around me.”


As for yoga enthusiast, Joanne D’cruz, stated that although she is relatively new to yoga, she has benefited significantly from doing simple and regular yoga exercises. 


She mentions that “yoga has improved my flexibility, balance and posture, it has also built and improved my muscle strength and it has been a great stress reliever as it has peaceful/calming effects on the body”.  With the closure of yoga studios islandwide during the circuit breaker, Joanne continued her yoga sessions at home with the help of several Youtube videos demonstrating the different styles of yoga. These yoga tutorials also cover different difficulty levels and styles that you feel are most manageable and suitable for you. 


“For yoga at home, the internet (Youtube especially) will be your best friend! There are countless channels that have posted, and regularly post, online classes that you can follow for free! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced practitioner, or even looking to try a specific style of yoga, there will be online classes available to you for sure. Some can be as short as 5 minutes, or as long as 90 minutes!”

If you’re hesitant about learning yoga on your own, there are many yoga studios that have opened up for beginner classes and some even offer weekly online yoga classes through Zoom. By switching on your camera, instructors will be able to provide you with verbal cues to correct your alignment. 


If you’re interested in trying out yoga, but you still find yourself hesitant, here’s some advice for you from Joanne and Elaine. 


Practice makes progress, not perfection. Everyone starts somewhere! If you feel like you're not that flexible or strong, it's totally fine - you'll still be able to do yoga safely no problem.

Most of the time you will be given easier or more advanced options in poses or positions, so start off with the easier ones first and get comfortable with them! You'll definitely be able to move forward with regular practice, just be patient with yourself.


If you try to push your body to do something it's not ready for, you'll injure yourself. Listen inward to what your body is telling you. That in itself is a large part of what yoga is about.

 - Joanne


Just do it! There’s never a right time to start. And don’t be shy! But I guess the most important thing that I cannot stress enough is to let your ego go and focus solely on yourself when you’re on the mat. Yoga is a very individualistic and personal practice, it doesn’t matter what your neighbour on the mat next to you can do as everyone is on their own yoga journey.

 - Elaine


So I hope with this, it encourages you to push your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone.

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