Gift ideas for kids

February 08, 2021 2 min read

Gift ideas for kids


Can’t decide on which toy to buy for your kids? Well, look no further and head on down to your nearest BHG outlet today! 

If you’re looking to avoid running up and down from one toy store to another to get presents for your kids, BHG is the perfect place for you! BHG is your one stop shop for every toy you’re looking for, from Barbie dolls, Nerf guns, your favourite board games, and even a wide selection of educational toys for kids! 

With our wide range of toys, you’ll definitely find the perfect gift for birthdays or for any occasion. The inner child in me loves browsing through the BHG toys section every time I get the chance, and here are some of my top picks! 

After taking a look at the Lego sets at BHG, I realised that Lego has evolved tremendously. When I was growing up, there weren't that many Lego sets to choose from as compared to now. They had Disney, Marvel and even Star Wars themed Lego sets, catering to all ages, even adults! 

As a Disney princess fan, one thing that stood out to me was the Mulan Training Ground Lego set. I had half my mind to buy this for myself!

This set is relatively easier to assemble and is perfect for younger children (age 6+). So if you’re looking to find something for a Disney princess fan, this could be a great option! 

If you’re looking for something with cars, trucks and motorbikes, the Police Monster Truck Heist lego set would be perfect.

This set comes with five lego figurines as well as a truck, police car and a motorbike. This set is also relatively easy to assemble and is appropriate for children above five years old. I think that legos are the perfect gift for your kids as it not only teaches them how to assemble the pieces, but it also allows their imagination to run free.

Besides this, BHG carries various Lego sets both in store and online and I can guarantee that you’ll find something for your little ones!

Another range of toys that caught my attention at the store were toys that relate to science, geography and more. These educational toys are surprisingly fun and also knowledgeable, it’s definitely an interesting gift for kids!

One of my favourites is the Make Your Own Crystals by Clementoni. By following the step by step instructions included, kids can make their very own beautiful fluorescent crystals at home! This would be a great science project to do as a family as well.

National Geographic also has their own Crystal Garden Box which includes a full-colour learning guide filled with astounding crystal facts, and the easy-to-use garden kit that shows crystal growth as soon as 20 minutes after conducting the experiment!

If you’re looking for more science experiments for your kids to try, National Geographic also has several other experiments available such as the Vanishing Test Tube experiment ($19.90), Rock & Mineral Starter Kit ($19.90), Magnetic Putty ($26.90) and many more!

Explore our wide range of kids toys in stores or via BHG Online. There's bound to be something for everyone!