Finding Your Scent

February 08, 2021 3 min read

Finding Your Scent

Unlike before, there are many uprising fragrance companies which now offer fragrance personalisation. To put it simply, fragrance personalisation refers to the customisation of a fragrance that matches the exact preferences of a customer.

Today, we have the liberty to choose from the wide assortment of perfumes available from several brands just off the shelf, be it floral, musky, citrus or even aromatic scents to choose from.

Jo Malone at BHG Bugis

Despite switching from one perfume to another, some still long to find their ‘forever perfume’. 

Although some may think otherwise, fragrance profiling and the process of fragrance personalisation is actually a very interesting process to experience. Through this process, you not only get to create your own scent, but also learn more about the process and the history behind the scent. 

For me, reading up about fragrance profiling has been nothing but an educating and eye-opening experience. Personally, before doing my research on fragrance profiling, I was completely unaware that so much effort and precision was put into this process, and what I personally find interesting is that every scent created is unique to its own. 

As I dived deeper into understanding the process of choosing a fragrance with a fragrance consultant, he said: 

“There isn’t one right way to choose a fragrance. So long as you enjoy the scent, that’s all that matters. Keep an open mind when cruising through a selection of fragrances”

He also mentioned that there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your own personal fragrance such as:

  1. When would I like to wear this fragrance? In the day, or in the evening? To work, for a night out, for your wedding day?
  2. How do I want to feel when I wear the scent? Elegant, casual, sensual or mysterious?
  3. Where will I be wearing this fragrance? For a picnic? For an important meeting? For a drink in the evening?

He also mentioned that when it comes to picking a fragrance, there isn’t a limitation to what kind of scent a man or a woman has to choose, and that and scents shouldn’t be associated or divided by gender. 

“Who’s to say a woman should not and cannot wear a darker, smokier intense fragrance, or a man pull off a bright, sensual, gentle floral scent?

  • Fragrance consultant

    Moreover, he also added that a fragrance at many times works as an invisible mask. “A light, sweet gentle fragrance may make a person appear more approachable; a darker, intense bitter scent may command attention. Fragrances may also enhance your mood! A bright, fresh citrus scent for example can be uplifting; or an aromatic, herbaceous lavender scent may be soothing and calming.” 

    All in all, when it comes to picking a fragrance, it really depends on what your heart desires. For those who are looking to try out fragrance personalisation, here’s some advice from a fragrance consultant:

    “The more I understand what the new client prefers, the more accurate suggestions I may give. My advice to them is to really keep an open mind when searching for a fragrance, and if they’re perfume shopping with company, always remember that what you enjoy may not necessarily appeal to your friend or partner. Also, try the fragrance on your skin, as fragrances may develop differently upon contact with your skin.”

    He also added, “Fragrance is the final piece to your attire. It is the invisible accessory that should be given more attention to. As Coco Chanel once said, “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.”

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